3…Into the Fray

These days, we all seem to be heading into the fray, you say?

We ARE the fray… here’s list of paradoxical positions to demonstrate my point:

+/- Drifters (Who feel “stuck”)

+/- Transient (Settlers)

+/- Disbanded (Communities)

+/- Disenfranchised (Able-Bodies)

+/- Creative (Types)

+/- Non-committal (Keeners)

+/- Apathetic (Partiers)

+/- Fragmented (Identities)

+/- Frustrated (Optimists)

+/- Disenchanted (Dreamers)

Perhaps it’s because we have things like Creative (Industries), School (Systems), Food (Production), and Home (Economics) that we’ve got ourselves in this mess to begin with. Everything starts to feel a little canceled out…a little greaterthan lessthan, a little overdetermined by the language of industrial capitalism and cosmopolitan colonialism, (which is to say, by the things that keep people and ideas on the move before any of it gets too comfortable or too unprofitable). In the name of progress we continually flounder, the only perpetuum mobile we’ve truly managed to construct is the interminable process of identity construction, and its a little maddening. Whether we go into the fray (with some semblance of “togetherness”, either of self or of community), or we ourselves ARE the fray… either way, it’s a fine mess.

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