The Wayward School is all about thinking, making, and doing.

It’s a co-operative school that gives people room to think and a chance to act.

Since 2011, The Wayward School has hosted inter-disciplinary workshops, lectures, seminars, and community gatherings in informal settings throughout Victoria that are widely accessible to all ages and skill levels.

Just what is the motivating force behind this rather ambitious project? And who is “we”?

The founding co-directors of this initiative are Heather Cosidetto and Stefan Morales, partners in life and in love. You can click on our names for our professional biographies if you’d like to see our dubious credentials. The way we see it, people work so much better when working together. We ourselves have each tended to be a part of a number of loosely overlapping communities and have observed how insular each of those communities can be, each in their own way. But some of the most rewarding moments for us have been when those seemingly unrelated groups cross-pollinate and collaborate with one another, or draw support and inspiration from one another.

We insist on speaking as “we” because, quite simply, there is already more than one person speaking here, and because that number will keep increasing. “We” has an indeterminate togetherness that can let people in on their own terms. “We” are something more than just “you” or “me” and less than some ambiguous group of others known as “them”. We are in-between amounts and types of people, thinking about in-between things, in and between places.