“Audio Circuits in Effect Pedals”

“Audio Circuits in Effect Pedals” Instructor: Alain Champagne
Wednesday March 21st 6:00pm-8:00pm (doors at 5:30)
Location: Discovery Coffee (664 Discovery Street, downtown)
Lecture Cost: $8.00

In this workshop, we will be examining the basic sounds created by an amplitude modulation circuit, also known as a tremolo pedal. Some basic sound wave theory mixed with a touch of math will help understand what we’re hearing. From there, we’ll take a look at audio circuits in terms of building blocks, such as power supplies, oscillators, multipliers, inputs and outputs. Finally, we’ll combine our blocks to create a unique audio circuit. After some testing and debugging on breadboards, we should get some pretty, pretty cool sounds.

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Alain Champagne Instructor Bio:
Alain Champagne likes art by Paul Pope, Hayao Miyazaki, David Foster Wallace, and Sufjan Stevens. He’s currently working on a Tintin rip-off set in Bayou St. John, New Orleans.