“Bike Machine Sunday”

“Bike Machine Sunday” Instructors: Luke Postl and Laticia Chapman
Sunday April 1st, 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Admission: By Donation
Location: 2737 Higgins St. (and other places of note!)
Preregistration Required.  Email laticia.vierra[at]gmail.com to pre-register!

Bikes and humans together make magnificent machines! On Sunday, April 1st, beginning at 10am, Luke and Laticia will be facilitating 3 hours of maintenance and fixing (with take-home zines) at Luke’s house, followed by byo-lunch at 1 –with supplementary bike-blender smoothies (if we get the contraption figured out). During lunch, we’ll also be mapping some of the best, safest, quickest, and prettiest routes in and around Victoria, and talking about bikes as transportation machines in the South Island urban/rural network. Around 3, we’ll get on our freshly tuned bikes and ride –route TBD- at a spring Sunday afternoon kinda pace. And, to cap it all off, we’ll finish around 4:30/5pm at Discovery Coffee on Discovery Street with a classic bike film (and probably popcorn).

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Laticia Chapman Instructor Bio: Laticia Chapman loves her bike, even when she cheats on rainy days and rides the bus. She has a background in welding, working in bike shops, and cultural studies/contemporary theory. The first time she discovered that she could cycle until she ended up in Sooke, or Sidney, or wherever she decided that the best thing about summer in Victoria is that getting on a bike can take you to a lake….

Luke Postl has been cycling in victoria since the beginning of time. He spent the last 4 years or so working and teaching at Recylictas Community Bike Shop, and was a member of the BikeLab Society (R.I.P) who facilitated a variety of Bicycle related projects involving youth (and sometimes their parents.) He really enjoys when people pass him whilst biking, as well as other things like playing bike polo, filling baskets with apples, and generally being helpful and never around consistently!