“Darning, Mending and Alterations” Skillshare Workshop

Darning and Mending Instructor: Denise Dunn
Sewing and Alterations Instructors: Karmin Snow and Vanessa Kay
Wednesday, March 23rd, 5:30-8:00 pm
Location: Discovery Cafe lounge (664 Discovery St)
Workshop Cost: $5 for Wayward School members ($10 non-members) + materials cost $5 (or bring your own from home!)

A workshop in two parts! Learn tips, techniques, and tools for repairing and re-purposing worn out knitwear and old or ill-fitting clothing. In the first half of this workshop, Denise will introduce participants to the technique, tools and materials used for darning. In the second half, Karmin and Vanessa will guide participants through basic sewing alteration and clothing re-purposing techniques.

ABOUT the Darning Workshop:
Darning is a traditional method for repairing fabric damage or holes that do not run along a seam, and where patching is impractical or would create discomfort for the wearer, such as on the heel of a sock. Darning can be used to repair both woven and knitted fabric. It is also used as a decorative embroidery technique and a fine art medium. (Learn more about “Darning”  on Wikipedia)

The materials and supplies we will be using for the darning workshop are as follows:
+ Participants will have an opportunity to darn something holey so bring an old sock or sweater
+ A darning or wool needle
+ A darning “mushroom” or “egg” (A smooth round rock or tight-skinned small apple or orange can make a good “darning mushroom” substitute)

How to Pick a Darning Tool | eHow.com

ABOUT the Sewing Alterations Workshop:
Time to turn that Budweiser t-shirt into a sleek, fitted Budweiser crop top!  Welcome to the world of basic alterations and re-purposing. Basic hemming, types of darts, measurements, finishing etc will be covered. Please bring your questions and a garment you wish to operate on!

The materials and supplies we will be using for the alterations workshop are as follows:
+A seam ripper
+A pair of sharp scissors
+A sewing machine
+A garment to work on

We can provide all of the above listed materials and supplies for you for a small materials fee. Yarn will be provided and some tools and old socks made available for the darning workshop. There will be a limited number of sewing machines and threads available for the alterations workshop. If you would like bring your own things to use, that’s great too!

CLICK HERE to pre-register

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Denise Dunn Denise Dunn’s Instructor Bio:
I have been messing about with yarn from an early age. I learned spool knitting, needle knitting, crochet and sewing at my grandmother’s, mother’s and older sister’s knees. I don’t recall when I learned how to darn socks but seem to know how when I needed to. I was born in 1946 into post war UK when frugality was a necessity, repair and mending things commonplace. The habit of clothing repair has remained with me and I continue to knit, make and mend.


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