Eco-Friendly Furniture Finishes skillshare workshop

Instructor: Kate Richardson

Saturday, April 23rd, 1:00-4:00 pm

Location: Fernwood area (address will be emailed to you upon registration)

Workshop Cost: $10 for Wayward School members ($20 non-members) (all materials costs are included)

Kate Richardson's blog
Traditional finishes. Where do they meet up with sustainable and do-it-yourself finishes? Finishing furniture and walls used to be something that a person did (or paid someone to do) with the spring cleaning and general home maintenance and repair but this process has been hijacked by petroleum and manufacturing companies who tell us everything is complicated. This workshop will de-mystify paints and pigments, with explanations about what is a paint, a varnish, and how to make simple and healthy finishes in your home so you will no longer have to use the toxic versions. We’ll also discuss where and how to apply them to walls and furniture.

Participants will learn to make milk/casein paint, egg and oil, gesso, and how to tint eco-paints they can buy at the store. Plus I’ll do a little explanation about how paint works (what’s in it?) and how to tell what kind of paint you’re looking at, and how to tell when something is being green-washed (like waterborne lacquers and finishes) or is genuinely green.

Most materials will be supplied (such as pigments, plywood, linseed oil, etc).

Please bring the following materials and supplies from home:
+ a cheap paintbrush (any old paintbrush, between 1″ – 2″)
+ 2-3 plastic containers with lids (such as yogurt containers)
+ mixing sticks (such as popsicle sticks, chopsticks, or painter stirring sticks)

Instructor Bio:
Kate started woodworking professionally in 2000 when she was commissioned to add a back room to an adult store in Montreal housing it’s cutting edge DVD collection and has worked variously as a cabinetmaker and furniture restorer ever since. Having completed a 15 month diploma program in Cabinetmaking from Rosemount Technology Center in Montreal (2003) and a Bachelor of Arts in History from UVic (2008), Kate feels qualified to speak authoritatively on nearly any subject. Her woodworking specialties are marquetry and carving restoration, tricky repairs and old timey traditional finishes, homestead style. Firmly DIY and committed to finding alternatives to petroleum and it’s distillates, Kate uses her historical skills to research all kinds of non-toxic finishes you could make in your kitchen, and wants to show you how.

Kate’s blog:

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