“A People’s View of the Economy: Learning through Co-operation”

Dr. Ian MacPherson (Professor of History and specialist in Co-operative Studies)

Tuesday, March 1st, Doors at 7:00, Lecture from 7:30 – 9:00 pm at Solstice Cafe (529 Pandora Avenue)

Admission is $4 for Wayward School members ($8 non-members)

Co-operatives, which today have over one billion members around the world and provide (according to the United Nations) at least one key service to half the world’s population, in essence are (or should be) about knowledge. They are the result of people learning about, and reflecting on, matters that are important to them, then doing something to improve their lot. This session will be devoted to considering the educational dimensions of Co-operation — how ordinary people have developed and used knowledge in creating organisations with the capacity to make themselves “masters of their own destiny” and communities resilient within extensive social, economic and political change. Co-operatives may not always live up to their potential to do all that they can in the interests of their members and communities, but they typically accomplish much and the knowledge they can generate has infinite applications. It is all a matter of knowing and applying.

Ian MacPherson, UVic

Lecturer Bio:

Ian MacPherson suffers from a terminal case of co-operativitis, a common ailment suffered by those who spend their lives attracted to the possibilities of co-operatives and the importance of Co-operation. It began over sixty years ago when, as a small boy, he went with his father on visits to the office of a local co-op manager, in his case at first largely because of the gum drops on his desk. It grew into a series of historical studies of co-operatives, election to the boards of several co-ops, travels to over 70 countries to see and engage with co-op leaders and researchers, and a constant quest to understand the possibilities and limitations of co-operative thought and organisation, what might be called Co-operative Studies.

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