“Inventing Iron Man: The Possibility of a Human Machine”

“Inventing Iron Man” Lecturer: E. Paul Zehr
Friday, March 30th 6:00pm-8:00pm (doors at 5:30)
Location: Discovery Coffee (664 Discovery Street, downtown)
Lecture Cost: $5.00

In this lecture, E. Paul Zehr will examine the possibility of creating an Iron Man suit using present day technology. Based on the content of his recent book, Inventing Iron Man, Zehr will explore how we could use modern-day technology to create an Iron Man type suit of armor, and will consider the physical stresses such a suit would put on the human body. This lecture will ask participants to consider the possibilities of biomechanic technologies, but at the same time question the limitations of the human body to actually utilize such technologies to become “superhuman.” Follow this link for more information on Zehr’s work: Inventing Iron Man

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                                                  E. Paul Zehr Lecturer Bio:
As a teenager, Zehr became interested in martial arts, which kindled an interest in science. He was fascinated by how people can move so fast and with such precision in martial arts, and marveled at the human body’s ability to perform the physical tasks demanded by the sport. Consequently, Zehr’s interest in the human body led to the study of kinesiology, through which he obtained an MSC and a PhD in neuroscience. Throughout the course of his research, Zehr became interested in the neural control of movement and rehabilitation of walking after stroke and spinal cord injury. This continues his main research focus.