Knit and Crochet Skillshare Workshop for all ages and skill levels

Instructors: Jessica Ziakin Cook, Bobby Kenny and Heather Cosidetto

Sunday, April 3rd, 3:00-5:00 pm
Location: St. Barnabas Church Hall (1525 Begbie Street in Fernwood)
Workshop Cost: $5 for Wayward School members and St. Barnabas parishoners ($10 non-members)

Come sit-in at our Knit-In! With stations set up for everything from beginning knit and crochet (make your own washcloths or iPod cozy), to more advanced techniques and patterns (lacy socks, cable knits, or amigurumi crochet), there will be something for all ages and skill levels. We’ll have baked sale goodies and beverages there to keep you refreshed and your needles clickity clacking!

Bring your own if you have them (see workshop descriptions below for details).
If you don’t have your own, not to worry, you can come unequipped as we will have an assortment of needles, hooks, and yarn for you to borrow as needed!

The following knit and crochet skillshare workshops will be held between 3:00-5:00:

Beginner Crochet all ages and skill levels
Bobby Kenny will demonstrate basic crochet, and before you know it you’ll be making your own washcloths and other glamorous square-shaped things. For this workshop we will be using crochet hooks that are somewhere between 5-8 mm and medium weight yarn.

Beginner Knitting all ages and skill levels
Knitting is easy, but casting on can be hard! But once you learn how to do it and get past the first row, scarves and iPod cozies galore are just a few hours away. For this workshop we will be using needles that are between 5-7 mm, and medium weight yarn.

Amigurumi Crochet intermediate skill level, basic crochet skills prerequisite
Heather Cosidetto will teach you how to crochet in the round to make tiny stuffed animals and toy objects that are unbearably cute. For this workshop we will be using a crochet hook that is between 3-4 mm and light to medium weight yarn, plus stuffing, embroidery floss, and a large needle.

Knitted Socks, Cables, and Laces intermediate skill level, basic knitting skills prerequisite
Learn to turn a heel & close a gusset; read patterns, and incorporate lace, color, or cable patterns into your own hand-made socks (or scarves)! Bring projects on which you are stuck, or the materials for a project you’d like to start. Some materials will be provided, but are not guaranteed to suit your tastes so bring your own needles and yarn if you’ve got ’em!

Instructor Bios:

Jessica Ziakin CookJessica Ziakin has been knitting for 14 years, and has recently unlocked the secrets of yarn-overs and slipping stiches. She is currently working on some knee-high fish-net stockings and a brioche-stich cowl. When she isn’t knitting (and even when she is!) she is the Graduate Minister at St. Barnabas church, and attending art classes at the Victoria College of Art. She has a degree in Art History and hopes to become an Art Therapist one day.

Bobby KennyBobby Kenny is an education assistant and soccer coach with a beard that sometimes gets tangled up in his crochet projects. He’s pretty patient, though, so this doesn’t phase him one bit. He just disentangles himself and keeps on keeping on.

Heather CosidettoHeather Cosidetto has never been great at knitting or crocheting, but keeps on teaching herself how to do it while making lots of mistakes along the way. For this reason, she’s pretty good at teaching other people about the perils and pitfalls of knit and crochet. She’s also the co-director of The Wayward School and is looking forward to taking a break from typing on the computer to sit-in at the Knit-in instead!

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One Comment to “Knit-In!”

  1. we did a knitin in cowichan Bay in my living room. what a fun time. good luck!

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