“Home Ec: The Institutionalization of the Family within Economic Policy”

Dr. Linda Welling (Dept. of Economics, UVic)

Tuesday, March 15th, 7:30 – 9:00 pm (doors at 7:00) at Solstice Cafe (529 Pandora Avenue)

Admission is $4 for Wayward School members ($8 non-members)

How do economists view the institution of “the family”? In a discussion of the changing role of the family in the broader economy, Dr. Linda Welling employs a fairly standard neoclassical economics approach, while focussing those standard tools on the inner workings of the family. In this lecture Welling will look at the economic rationale for marriage – interpreted as long term partnerships with specialization of labour and as an institution created and governed by a legal and economic contract. Welling will also discuss some of the literature on insurance, dowries, bargaining within families, and children, and how it affects our views of social policy.

Lecturer Bio:
Dr. Linda Welling is an associate professor in the Economics Department at the University of Victoria. Welling’s area of interest is “applied micro theory”, and she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the Economics of the Family and the economics of information and incentives. Originally from the Maritimes, Welling gradually worked her way across the country until she landed in Victoria in 1991, along the way acquiring an MA in Economics from Queen’s University in 1976, working at the Bank of Canada and the Library of Parliament, studying graduate Sociology, and finally acquiring a PhD in Economics from the University of Western Ontario in 1986. Welling has published papers on regional government bidding for firms, why firms offer product warranties, and unemployment. Most recently, Welling’s research has been directed towards understanding family decision making, especially regarding children. In her spare time, she trains in traditional karate weapons and practices Bikram yoga with her daughter.

Median net worth of families by economic type (Industry Canada)

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