“Mall Machine” Field Trip

Mall Machine Field Trip Lecturer: Scott Lansdowne
Thursday February 23rd, 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: Victoria Bay Centre (meet at the View/Broad Street entrance)
Field Trip Cost: $5.00

A learning adventure! Take a walk with the Wayward School through the Victoria Bay Centre, wherein we will attempt to conceptualize the mall as an abstract machinery of capitalism. While discussing the mall in relation to common themes in urban politics, as well as the history of the Bay Centre itself, lecturer Scott Lansdowne will address the following questions: What is the product of the mall machine?  Who labors there and what is consumed?  What forms of civil society are engendered and produced within this space?  And finally, what is its relationship to the larger historical trends of industry and empire?

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Scott Lansdowne Instructor Bio:
Scott Lansdowne is an undisciplined and non-rigorous student of magical urbanism and the machinery of everyday life.  He has lived in Victoria, BC, for seven years, and shopped and marveled at the Victoria Bay Centre—and its predecessor, the Eaton’s Centre—since the early 1990s.