A co-operative school will of course work best with regular participation, which enables community to thrive and grow. To encourage this, we offer membership for each season of programming.

During our spring season of programming, usually February through April, we offer season membership for $30 which is good for admission to all spring season Wayward Wednesday events, and a 15% discount on special events (excluding special events such as fundraisers or performances). As a member, you will also be eligible to pre-register for our workshops and seminars, which is handy because space is often limited! Think of it as an all-access pass that works out to about a 40% discount (or just $3.75 per event).

With a season membership you will receive:

  • Free admission to all Wayward Wednesday events for the 2-3 month season of programming (February-April)
  • Advance notice and the opportunity to pre-register for upcoming workshops and seminars (handy since many have limited space!)
  • Brownie points (no seriously, we’re going to have badges for each season… you know you want to sport a “Machines” badge right next to a “Home Economics” badge, on your hat or maybe a sash, to show people what mad skills you’ve acquired)
  • Other special perks we will rack our brains to think up, such as limited edition t-shirts and zines, or discounts at participating shops and restaurants around and about the town.

Becoming a member:

To obtain season membership, purchase it at the registration desk for any event.
We aren’t currently able to accept debit or credit card, so cash only please!