Moving Pictures: Film + Discussion Nights

In March: Sundays, 7:00-9:00 pm, Solstice Cafe (529 Pandora Ave)
In April: Sundays, 7:00-9:00 pm, Discovery Cafe lounge (664 Discovery St)

We’ll have popcorn and treats for purchase, or you can bring your own beverages and snacks.

Admission is free for members! (by donation without membership)

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March 6th

Theme: Gender & Equality

In anticipation of Dr. Laura Parisi’s upcoming lecture, “Why Gender Matters in the Global Economy”, March 8th, International Women’s Day, 7:30 pm at Solstice Cafe, this week’s film will deal with gender and equality in the economic realm.


March 13th

Theme: Scavenging

This week’s theme is “Scavenging”. We think it’ll set things up nicely for Noah and Georgio’s “Urban Scavenging: Theory and Practice” lecture on Wednesday March 16th, followed by the workshop on Saturday March 19th.


March 20th

Theme: Capital & Community

In anticipation of Dr. Ian MacPherson’s March 22nd lecture, “A People’s View of the Economy”, this week’s film by director Errol Morris will center upon capital and community. Guest presenter Lee McClure will be there to make sure the discussion stays interesting!


March 27th

Theme: Progressive Modernity

In anticipation of Dr. John Lutz’s March 29th lecture, “Modern, Traditional, or Moditional? An Historian on the Interplay Between Aboriginal and Capitalist Economies”, this week’s film will examine the effects of progressive modernity (circa 1936, Charlie Chaplin styles)


April 3rd

Theme: Giving, Taking, Keeping

This week’s film is a perfect cap to the day-long “Knit-in” skillshare workshop, since it features A LOT of knitting… and un-knitting. Director Mai Tominaga spins a surrealist yarn that is pretty fun to get tangled up in, in this modern-day Sisyphus tale.


April 10th

Theme: Limits

Two films this week, each of them exploring the theme of “limits”, especially with regards to people and markets. The films should provide an interesting backdrop for the week’s upcoming lectures: Dr. James Rowe on April 12th, “The Limits of Unlimited Growth”; and the April 13th Sounding Board lectures, with Stefan Morales speaking about “Pleonexia” and Robert Hancock speaking about “Unintended Consequences” in relation to Canada and Aboriginal Rights.


April 17th

Theme: The World According to Seuss

This week’s films will take us into the mind of Dr. Seuss, as we watch his parables for the modern world. In anticipation of Dr. William Carroll’s April 19th lecture and workshop, “Capitalism and its Discontents”, we think that Dr. Seuss’ colourful parables will set things up nicely for Dr. Carroll’s playful workshop, both of them illustrating “how capitalism works.”


April 24th

Theme: Bring it Home

This week’s film brings the Home Economics season to a close by looking at the grass roots slow food movement and the ways in which it brings politics to the table in homes everywhere.



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