Bees of Greater Victoria

Instructor: Gordon Hutchings
Date: Wednesday, June 29th
Time: 5:30 pm

Location: Discovery Coffee Lounge (664 Discovery St)
Lecture Cost: $10 (free for members and youth 16 & under!)

The “School-Revisited” lecture series continues with a little Entomology 101…

‘Mellitology’, the study of bees, is an -ology every gardener or lover of flora & fauna should know. As pollinators, the nectar-feasting of bees provides fertilization and reproduction for a wide variety of plants (including of course, the ones we humans like to eat!). Mason bees get a lot of attention, but did you know that here in B.C., there are over 450 species of bees, some adapted to very specific types of flowers?

In this lecture, resident bee expert and advocate Gordon Hutchings will speak about native bee pollinators, their life cycle, role in pollination, habitat needs and what we can do in our own backyards (and front and side yards, too!) to encourage and cultivate diverse habitats for Vancouver Island’s native bee population.

And upcoming on Saturday July 2nd, Gordon will be speaking on Dragonflies (click for details!).

Gordon HutchingsBee collecting nectar from Borage blossomInstructor Bio:
Gordon Hutchings of Hutchings Bee Service has been studying native bees for 22 years in B.C., Yukon and Saskatchewan. He has been contract field biologist for Royal B.C. Museum, B.C. Ministry of Environment (Conservation Data Centre), the Yukon Territory Government, and Canada Wildlife Service. A busy bee himself, Gordon is a prolific speaker and advocate in his field, and can be found around and about Vancouver Island teaching and speaking about native bee species.

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Upcoming lecture with Gordon Hutchings on Dragonflies –>


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