Program Overview

The Wayward School hosts the following types of lectures, workshops, and community events:

Skillshare Workshops
Informal skill-based workshops led by non-expert instructors, where participants share their knowledge and experience with one another on any number of topics (e.g. sourdough starters, darning, aquaculture, astronomy, web design, woodburning, knot tying, printmaking, spreadsheets, composting–on and on the list goes!).

Working Knowledge Workshops
Advanced level workshops led by expert instructors will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the given topic, and the skills and know-how to put it to work.

Ever wish you could go back in time and pay closer attention to what your physics teacher was going on about? Or that you actually knew how to do simple algebra when the occasion arises? This series of lectures takes us back, only this time we’re taking notes.

Curiosity Cabinet Lecture Series
From the whimsical to the mundane to the weirdly fascinating, lectures in this series will feature topics of all shapes and sizes to satisfy our curiosity about the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Town Hall Debates
Should Canada should implement a guaranteed annual income for each and every citizen? Is climate change caused by humans? Can we be certain that 2+2 does in fact equal 4? Let the debates begin! Hearkening back, while looking forward, debates will take a moderately polemical form to put the problems of our time on the table for careful scrutiny.

Moving Pictures
Foreign films, documentary films, short films, animated films–you name it. Screened, digested, discussed. Film nights are curated by theme, followed by a facilitated discussion period.

Swap Meet
Get together and swap your wares! Establishing a barter economy takes exchange-value to a useful level.

Sounding Board
Peer review gets up close and personal. Sounding Board events are an opportunity to flex your rhetorical muscles as you bounce ideas around the room and off of one another.

You come, you cook, you learn, you leave (with a bag of perogies/ravioli/empanadas/samosas/burritos/etc to call your own).