Simple Puppets & Old School Animation

vintage thamatropeInstructors: Kathleen Greenfield & Heather Cosidetto
Wednesday April 4th 6:00pm-8:00pm (doors at 5:30)
Location: Discovery Coffee (664 Discovery Street, downtown)
Workshop Cost: $8.00 (includes materials)

In this low-fi workshop, participants will learn how to make objects and pictures come to life with a bit of paper, string, tape, and a flick of the wrist! Together we’ll create puppets out of recycled newspaper and masking tape, as well as thaumatropes and story panoramas for your human-powered viewing pleasure!


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Instructor Bios:
Kathleen Greenfield has a background in visual arts and theatre, and is also a Wayward Collective member. She recently attended the Banff Puppet Threatre Intensive where she learned a great deal about simple puppets and object manipulation.

Heather Cosidetto co-founded the Wayward School in part because of the magical things that happen when people who think they aren’t creative suddenly find themselves at a table with all the supplies they need to prove otherwise and two hours to kill. The exceedingly imaginative things people come up with continues to astound her!


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