“Straight Razor Shaving”

“Straight Razor Shaving” Instructor: Liam Mitchel
Friday March 9th (members only event, email waywardschool@gmail.com to find out more)

When King Camp Gillette invented the safety razor, he all but assured the demise of the straight razor shave.  Who would want to hold a “cut-throat” to his own throat?  Today, though, straight razor shaving is enjoying a renaissance: the straight razor delivers a better shave at a lower long term cost than the disposable (and it’s incredibly masculine to boot).  In this workshop, Liam will teach the basics of purchasing, stropping, and safely shaving with a straight razor.  You’ll never go back to Gillette.

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Liam Mitchell Instructor Bio:
Liam Mitchell is a grad student in cultural studies who abandoned the disposable razor three years ago.  He’s been shaving with a straight ever since, and has only cut himself (badly) once.