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February 25, 2011

2…Overdetermining Education

To be overdetermined is to have your mind made up FOR you, your determination is overwritten by the context within which you live and breathe, think, make and do.

The overdetermined education system. What does such a long-winded phrase mean? Let us stand in front of it and wonder: how has such a massive, cantankerous thing come to be? Why do we accept that education should be systematic, standardized, all-encompassing, encyclopaedic and monolithic ? When did learning and teaching (what we could, should and would call the all-round sharing of interest and wonder in the known and unknown of this world) become a practice that is repeatable, hierarchical, repressive, boring, and widely considered to be a failure?

If, as we repeatedly hear reported by journalists and experts, that our North American education system is failing, perhaps we should respond by asking “why is education treated systematically?”

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