Take Home TCM workshop

Instructor: Christina Chan
Date/Time: Saturday, July 23rd, 1:30-4:30 pm
Location: Heart & Hands Health Centre (#6-2020 Douglas St)

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to attend this workshop, 2 spots left!…registration deadline extended to 6 pm Friday, July 22nd!
Email waywardschool@gmail.com to register

Workshop Cost for Non-Members: $12 (materials included)
Workshop Cost for Wayward School Members: Free admission (materials cost of $5)
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Learn some basic and simple methods of self-care based on age old wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine consisting of 2 topics:

– An introduction of the basics of Chinese-style moxabustion therapy, the burning of prepared mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and applying indirect heat to regions of the body as well as acupuncture points to relieve many of the ailments that are common to the damp-windy-cold climate of Vancouver Island.

– An introduction to Chinese food energetics and diet therapy as well as trip to Chinatown through the dry goods section of Fisgard Market to find out what foods/herbs to use and for what conditions.

The workshop will include your own stick of moxa to take home.
Please come dressed in loose fitting clothing or bring a change of clothing so we can easily roll up sleeves and pant legs. Also bring a notebook and pen, you’ll likely want to take notes throughout this workshop. We are limited to floor seating, please bring a cushion to sit on.

Christina Chan - Heart and Hands Community AcupuncturemoxibustionInstructor Bio:

Christina Chan is a Community Acupuncturist, an educator and manager of the Heart & Hands Health Collective. She engages the community in challenging views around self-care and preventative health. She also practices her own brand of social entrepreneurship through providing accessible and affordable acupuncture in a community-based setting. She believes that to create a healthy community, we need to start with its people.


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