Homemade Tempeh skillshare workshop

Instructors: Caitlin Gallupe and Aden Collinge
Saturday, April 9th, 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Location: South Jubilee area (workshop location will be emailed upon registration)
Workshop Cost: $5 for Wayward School members ($10 non-members)

Tempeh is a fermented food originally from Indonesia made from soybeans. Learn to make it at home for 1/16 the cost of buying it in stores. Homemade tempeh tastes infinitely more delicious (and less slimy!) than its less-than-fresh cousin on the supermarket shelf.

Making tempeh is a simple process of cooking, de-husking and inoculating soybeans before incubating them in a box outfitted with a light bulb and thermometer for 24 hours. In this workshop we will make tempeh from start to finish (and sample some made just the day before) and run through the various ways to construct an incubator (ranging from very simple to more complex methods of construction).

Aden CollingeCaitlin GallupeInstructor Bios:
Aden Collinge likes makin’ stuff. He busies himself fixing and fermenting and touring in bands. He grew up eating tempeh his dad made in the basement and is happy to be sharing the process.

Caitlin Gallupe continues to live in Victoria. She keeps herself alive by doing arts & crafts and eating zany foods.

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