“The City is Organized Complexity”

SimCityLecturers: Warren Magnusson & Gary Paget
Date/Time: Thursday, April 5th, Doors @ 6:30pm, Discussion @ 7:00pm
Location: Open Space (510 Fort St.)
Lecture Cost: $5.00

The popular understanding of the city as a political playing field tends to be oversimplified in terms of site- or function-specific municipal “issues” (e.g. transportation, sewage, utilities management, park space, etc). Our default position is to attempt to simplify the gnarled mangle of diverse interests, stakes, powers, and conditions of possibility that constitute the city. Underpinning these standout sites of debate is a rich palimpsest of continually, if surreptitiously, retraced and reiterated jurisdictions and scripts.

How might we enact a fine-grained political dialogue of the city that avoids the easy questions and easy answers that all too often lead to polarized public debate and political gridlock? We might begin by conceiving the city as something other than a kind of utilitarian machine, considering it instead as an organized complexity with a history of interplay between sensational political events and everyday life.

Professor of Political Science Dr. Warren Magnusson and Urbanist Gary Paget will explore these and other questions in a lecture and open discussion, we hope you can join us.

Instructor Bios:

Warren Magnusson has taught political science at the University of Victoria for more than thirty years. He has a special interest in local government and city politics. His latest book is called Politics of Urbanism: Seeing Like a City.

Gary Paget is a geographer, community planner and policy advisor. He has spent close to forty years providing advice and building communities and regions.

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